The HKX team is made up of experts, engineers, and hands-on, make-it-happen, all-around great people who enjoy the process. We know the machines and attachments inside and out, and are committed to producing the best product in the shortest amount of time. We just want to get you the kit that fits.



To us, the word Expert means that nothing stops us short. We figure it out. Our engineers hold actual patents in some of our component designs. Our sales team knows as much about the excavators and attachments as the OEMs, so you order the right kit every time.

  • Over 20 years building kits.
  • Over 30,000 kits built to date.
  • Strong OEM relationships ensure complete knowledge of the machines we kit.


HKX was the first to do kits right like introducing pre-assembled components, OEM monitor connectivity, pre-formed tubes and color-coded, intuitive package design. We sell the industry’s best kits, on time and on budget, which means you always get the kit that fits.

Kits include:

  • Pre-assembled components for faster installation.
  • Modular design for flexibility of upgrading.
  • Factory appearance for clean look and higher resale value.
  • Bolt-on designs for solid structure.
  • Plug-in electrical components ensure proper connectivity.
  • Pre-formed, powder-coated tubes means no paint required and fit is guaranteed.
  • The smartest packaging in the business for faster shipping and easy install.
Service and Support

Service and Support

We have the best support team in the business. Support doesn’t stop with the kit or install. Our job is done only when the kit, machine and attachment(s) are functioning as designed. We also offer fee-based, onsite support and installation training to ensure your technicians have the skills and knowledge to install our kits as fast as possible.

  • 99% of parts available to ship same or next day.
  • Kit serial numbers ensure replacement parts are correct.
  • Extensive database of machine and attachment information enables us to quickly respond and resolve your support issues.


Faster is a matter of pride at HKX because nothing is compromised. And it’s faster start to finish, with easy ordering, fast fulfillment, and because of pre-assembling our components, faster installation.

  • Most standard kits ship within 2 – 4 days.
  • Packaging sizes comply with UPS approved dimensions.
  • Turn-key installation locations across the US and Canada that will professionally install HKX kits with flat rate install pricing.
  • Illustrated instructions, color-coded packaging, and a support team that’s ready to help.