Load Hold & Hose Burst Protection

HKX Load Hold & Hose Burst Protection kits improve excavator performance in lift applications where the load needs to be held for extended periods of time and where extra precision (no load movement) is needed. Unlike standard hose burst and anti-drift valves, the valves in the HKX LHV kits are designed to give superior load holding capability while providing overload relief and hose failure protection for the boom and arm cylinders. HIGHLIGHTS

  • Superior load holding over standard hose burst and anti-drift valves.
  • Prevents un-commanded boom and arm movement.
  • Operator has the ability to control the load after a hydraulic line failure.
  • Complies with hose burst requirements of standards DIN 24093, ISO 8643 and EN 474.
  • Relief protection against overloads.
  • Exceptional positive (direct) response to control inputs.
  • Opening level of the valve is independent from the load pressure.
  • Complete kit and installation instructions ensure a quick and easy install.

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