Breaker, Shear & Rotate

HKX Breaker, Shear & Rotate Combination (2 circuits) kits include all the components, instructions and support needed for complete installations. HKX kits are engineered to seamlessly integrate with your excavator’s hydraulic system as well as provide accurate hydraulic power to your attachments. Standard kits are available for current and out-of-production excavators and almost every attachment on the market.

Hydraulic System:Primary: Single or double acting (2- or 1-way oil) | Secondary: Double acting (2-way oil)

Line Sizing: Primary: High flow | Secondary: Low flow (20 GPM or less)

Line Pressure: Primary: 5,000 PSI rated hoses | Secondary: 3,000 PSI rated hoses

Upgradeable: Yes

Control(s): Matching push button joysticks

Recommended Option(s): - Proportional Joystick - Case Drain - 30+ metric ton kits incorporate Severe Duty SAE Code 62 4-bolt flange tube and hose connections

Applicable Attachments: - Rotate - Breaker - Shear

Notes: Plumbing to the end of the arm ending with ball valves (primary) or quick disconnects (secondary).

Breaker, Shear & Rotate