Hydraulic Kits for Excavators
Hydraulic Kits for Excavators Hydraulic Kits for Excavators Hydraulic Kits for Excavators

HKX provides auxiliary hydraulic power to attachments on excavators via methodically packaged hydraulic kits.

HKX's hydraulic kits include all components, instructions and support needed to facilitate complete installations of auxiliary hydraulic systems on excavators. This includes the actual product of steel piping with mounting hardware, hoses, valving, adapters, etc. It also includes the operator controls with solenoid valves, pilot hoses and all fittings necessary to control the auxiliary valve.

HKX has set the industry standard for auxiliary hydraulic system design and packaging, ensuring our kits are quick and easy to install while ensuring optimum performance of your machine and attachments.

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Hydraulic Kits for Excavators

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